Sukoharjo, 26th November 2018, The UMS Otocontest 2018 event was held on Saturday – Sunday, 24 – 25 November 2018 that took place at the UMS Sports Hall, Solo. Every year the UMS Otocontest is always becoming a part of the UMS Anniversary event. And the implementation of the 17th UMS Otocontest also coincided with the 60th Anniversary of UMS. The journey of UMS Otocontest from 2002 to 2018 has always undergone an evolution, where there are always different characteristics and themes each year. In 2018, UMS Otocontest is back with the theme of Creating Heroes with Education. Where there is an educational mission that needs to emphasize on motorbike modification contest in Indonesia. The aim is to provide accurate learning for contestants and visitors in this UMS Otocontest event. The educational mission is then implemented in several contents including Creative Industry Motorshow, History of Indonesian Motorcycle, Custom Paint, and Educational Talkshows from well-known automotive experts in Indonesia.


The UMS Otocontest 2018 event also carries the sub-theme Appreciate All Genres, which is a hope that the implementation of this event will be able to accommodate all modification genres in Indonesia. There are 14 classes of modifications including Street Racing Local AD, Fashion Bolt On Open, Street Racing, Pure Thailook, Racing Thailook, Racing Style Open, Sticker / Decal, Airbrush Open, Retro Under 90’s Modify, Classic Retro Scooter / Vespa, Choppy Cub / Street Cub, All Tracker / Scrambler / Caferacer, Chopper / Bobber / Boardtracker and Free For All. Also, there are 40 The Best categories which were prepared by the organizing committee to appreciate every detail of a modification. “There are 172 contestants who participated in this event, which is a significant improvement from last year’s UMS Otocontest.” Said Irham Baihaqqy as Chair of the 2018 UMS Otocontest Committee.


A lot of educational content in the UMS Otocontest 2018 event provides satisfaction for visitors who attend this annual event. “Our goal is to provide education to the public through interesting content so that visitors will get something when they return from UMS Otocontest 2018,” said Auliya Imam Maulana as the Chairman of KMTM UMS. The committee also collaborated with the Lazismu charity to invite visitors and contestants to participate in distributing donations to victims of natural disasters in Indonesia. There is 10% of ticketing and registration which will then be donated to victims of natural disasters in Indonesia.