In 2019, The Village Development Grant Program (PHBD) organized by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education received 3000 proposals, one of which was selected, namely the Mechanical Engineering Student Family (KMTM) proposal. A total of 80 proffers funded this year came from student organizations throughout Indonesia.

The topic raised by the Mechanical Engineering Student Family was the optimization of the use of cassava as an added value in Jatisobo village using the Passibo method (Jatisobo Cassava Market). This idea emerged after knowing that the Jatisobo community is a producer of cassava, which has so far had a low selling value because the villagers only sell cassava in two factories producing tapioca flour. Also, in the village, there is a market that has been dead for nearly 20 years. The village government has not been able to empower the location of the market because the person in charge is Karanganyar Regency.

Therefore, the Mechanical Engineering Student Family, with the guidance of a Mechanical Engineering study program lecturer, was then moved to think about how the various cassava in the village could be better processed and packaged. Then carried out marketing management training and made conventional marketing places with the form of a tourist market in the old market location.

Since September 2019, he has carried out various activities ranging from socialization, marketing management training, training on variations of processed cassava products, good packaging training that culminated on Saturday, November 23, 2019, the inauguration of Passibo by the Regent of Karanganyar, Drs. H. Juliyatmono.

The Regent of Karanganyar hopes that the existence of this market can continue to be increasingly able to help the economy in the village of Jatisobo. He also promised that if this market can live well, then in 2020, the market will be built and developed even better. Drs. H. Juliyatmono also advised the village head to immediately form a group to accommodate the community so they can learn how to process and package cassava properly. The Karanganyar Regent also promised that next year a packaging machine would be provided so that Jatisobo’s processed cassava products could enter supermarkets in the Karanganyar area and even to the surrounding area.


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