The story about the establishment of Bratasena-CUBE was when Muhammad Taufiqul Hafidz invited his friends, Ahmad Muhaimin and Muhammad Abdurrohim, to take part in Asphalt National Competition because they had passed Pavement Material Labwork on Semester 5 which he felt it was still fresh in memory. With this desire, they started looking for the information that related to the asphalt competition. With the help from Competition Division of CUBE UMS, finally they got information in the from of competition’s term of reference release on January 15, 2020.

This national asphalt competition had the theme “Innovation of Waste Management as a Filler in The HRS-WC Mixture” so that in the process of determining the innovation that they would use, it needed long time. They was assisted by their senior colleague and Ir. Agus Riyanto, MT. as their supervisor. Then they decided to use granit waste for their innovation, with the main goal was as material to increase the quality of road pavement and utilize that waste to be something useful and more valuable.

There were many obstacles that they had in the process, such as looking for the material, determining the optimum asphalt content, etc, but they could solve all obstacles that they had. Finally Bratasena-CUBE could be the finalist in the competition which followed by 26 representatives from other universities. The biggest problem came before the announcement of the finalist, it was the widespreading of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Indonesia which prevented them from preparing for that final and hampered the progress of the final process as well. With the effort of committee, the final was held by online through Zoom Meeting Platform for first time. Even though, finally they were able to be 3rd winner and be the pride of Faculty of Engineering UMS.